HiBrook financial advisors GmbH

HiBrook as Advisor

HiBrook offers advisory services to institutional investors, banks and building societies, as well as asset managers. Our advise expands across the areas of Risk Management, Asset Liability Management, Strategic Asset Allocation, Solvency II and Basel III, and for traditional and alternative asset classes.

HiBrook as Intermediary

HiBrook also operates non-licensed brokerage of advisory and administrative services in the field of alternative investments and credit structures. The range of services is aimed at both product providers and professional and institutional investors from Germany and abroad.

HiBrook as bridge builder between services & solutions and the investor

Client Focus

HiBrook focuses on the investment needs of its professional clientele. Our aim is to offer high-quality advise and tailor-made solutions.

Independence & Transparency

HiBrook is managed by its owners and an independent company. For our clients we provide a high level of transparency both in the advisory as well as regarding the services procured.

Market Experience

The HiBrook team are looking at many years of experience in the asset management and the advisory of institutional clients and banks. Their expertise comprises the perspectives of both investors and product & solution providers.

Team & Competence

Dr. Christoph Püntmann

Ph.D., M.Sc. (Theoretical Physics)


Specialist for Asset Liability Management,
Structured Credit, Derivatives

Vita: Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs

Dr. Christoph Püntmann

Ph.D., M.Sc. (Theor. Physics)



ALM of insurers, banks, building societies, corporates
Solvency II, Basel III, internal models
Strategic asset allocation (SAA)
Derivatives (interest rates, credit, equities, FX, hedge funds)
Structured credit (CLO, ABS)


HiBrook, Frankfurt a. M. (Partner and Managing Director)
CIS Asset Management, Frankfurt (Managing Director)
Goldman Sachs, London and Dubai (Executive Director)
Morgan Stanley, London and New York (Vice President)
SciComp, Austin/Texas (FinTech)
Studies in Physics (Doctorate, Master), Austin/Texas, Marseille, Mainz

Klaus-Wilhelm Hornberg

Economist (Dipl.)


Specialist for Asset Management and
Alternative Investments

Vita: Sal. Oppenheim, J.P. Morgan, Commerzbank

Klaus-Wilhelm Hornberg




Private Equity and Hedge Funds: Strategies and Asset Classes
Asset Management for Institutional Clients
Capital Market Strategies, Sustainability Strategies
Risk Controlling, Risk Management
Sales Alternative Assets


HiBrook, Frankfurt a. M. (Senior Advisor)
Sal. Oppenheim, Cologne and Zurich (Senior Vice President)
J. P. Morgan, Frankfurt (Vice President)
Bank in Liechtenstein, Frankfurt (Portfolio Manager)
Commerzbank, Frankfurt and London (Portfolio Manager, Banking Apprenticeship)
Diploma in Economics (University of Göttingen)
Senior Lieutenant (retd)

Özcan Dalmis

Dipl. Econ. Math. and Actuary


Advisor and Actuary to Insurance Companies and Pension Funds

Vita: Citi, Barclays, DZ Bank

Özcan Dalmis

(Business mathematician and actuary)



ALM of insurers, pension funds, pension schemes
Diploma in business mathematics, actuary (DAV), CFA (Level II)
Balance sheet and supervisory law, esp. additional interest reserve, Solvency I and II
Fund solutions, insurance products, structuring


Dalmis Investment and Risk Consulting (DIRC) - in cooperation with HiBrook
Citigroup (Director)
Barclays (Director)
DZ Bank (Director)
Standard & Poors (Lead Analyst)
KPMG (Consultant)
R+V Lebensversicherung (Trainee)

Georgia Happel

Bank Clerk


Accounting, Tax, Regulatory Reporting

Vita: Dresdner Bank, Fulda & Frankfurt

Lukas Thode

Masterstudent AI Engineering


IT, programming, database of HiBrook
Data protection officer of HiBrook


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Christoph Püntmann
Ph.D., M.Sc.
Relationship Manager
Institutional Clients
Managing Partner
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